A solar energy system offers a great return on investment for Northern Illinois homeowners

There are a number of great reasons to install a solar energy system for your Northern Illinois home or office. For instance, a solar system will knock those obnoxious electrical bills down to size. Some months, you won’t have an electric bill at all. That’s not hard to take.

When you add a solar array to your home, you also do something very nice for the environment. The carbon footprint of a solar energy system is zero, zilch, nada. We can all breathe a deep sigh of relief at that thought.

A solar system does wonderful things for your Northern Illinois home’s value

Homeowners are often looking into ways to improve their homes that will increase the value of a home. Often, the return on investment is small – even miniscule. But that’s not the case with solar energy.

Consider the effect on a home’s value for the following common home improvements:

  • Remodeling a kitchen – a 2% return on investment
  • Remodeling a bathroom – a 2% return on investment
  • Revamping your landscape with a landscape designer – if you’re lucky, you’ll breakeven
  • Adding a solar energy system to your home – a 43% return on investment
Graph of the housing market

A solar energy system is a great way to cut your energy bill while adding value to your home.

Did you read that last bullet point above? It’s so incredible that it deserves another read – “Adding a solar energy system to your home (provides) a 43% return on investment. Remodeling a bathroom or kitchen is hardly worth the effort. The idea of adding a solar energy system to your Northern Illinois home, however, is so advantageous that it begs the question, “When will you start?”

According to a June 19, 2015, “The Energy Show on Renewable Energy World” article, using a $4-a-kilowatt rate for electric from the utility, a typical 5,000-kilowatt solar energy system will cost about $14,000 after the government’s 30 percent Investment Tax Credit. That improvement, however, will increase the home’s value approximately $20,000.