How durable are solar panels?

How durable are solar panels

Storms will come and go. How durable are your solar panels and will they stand up to the storms?

How durable are solar panels? Technology is largely disposable these days. How long will you keep your cell phone? For one thing, in a year or two, it’s outdated. For another thing, by that time, it’s worn out. The operating system is comparatively ancient, the buttons are touchy and, sometimes, nonfunctional and the screen is, at best, a bit cloudy. Those solar panels on the roof are not like this.

How about your car. Yes, it should last more than two years, but at what cost? How much time will it spend in the auto repair shop receiving maintenance and repairs? But, in answer to the question, “How durable are solar panels?” there is some very basic maintenance required with the solar panels on your roof but, for the most part, they will sit up there quietly generating energy for your benefit and without complaint.

One reason solar panels match up so well to the question, “How durable are solar panels? is that they are durable. They don’t have much in the way of moving parts and when parts move, wear is inevitable. A car engine uses oil to mitigate the effects of its moving parts. It also relies on coolant to further help carry away the heat generated by friction. There’s a lot of friction and a lot of heat.

How durable are solar panels? The key is in the installation

The key with solar panels, however, is proper installation. If not done right, you may find that the mounting brackets are causing leakage – water will make its way through your home’s roof. If not installed properly, the solar panels could catch a strong wind and rip up your roof and damage the panels in the process. This is not a significant concern as long as the solar panels were installed the right way.

Proper installation of the solar panels takes into account factors that go beyond simply facing them in the best direction to catch the most rays of the sun. Proper installation also includes considering the surface where the panels will be mounted. It will consider trees and structures that could block the panels from the sun. And it will consider the sail effect. The sail effect is what can happen when the panels are installed in a way where the wind can get at them and turn them into sails.

All these factors considered solar panels will sit up there on your roof capturing energy for decades. There are solar panels on roofs that have been up there for 30 years or more. And those panels are were made with technology that is now three decades old. Newer designs will last even longer.

It is true that, over time, your solar panels may lose some of their efficiency. With the kind of lifespan, you can expect from your solar panels, they’ll be saving you money long after you’ve recouped the cost of the solar panels.