GOing SOLAR energy seminar at McHenry Public Library to inform those considering solar

GOing Solar Seminar at McHenry Public Library, 409 Front Street, McHenry Wednesday, April 22.

A solar energy seminar at McHenry Public Library will provide information for those considering GOing SOLAR. Paul LaBarbera, a leading authority on solar energy and CEO of Johnsburg-based Magitek Energy Solutions, is the presenter for the event. This is the third year that LaBarbera will conduct the solar energy symposium.

The event will take place at 7 p.m., Wednesday, April 22 at McHenry Public Library. Attendees can come earlier and take a tour of the solar panels installed by Magitek Energy Solutions on the roof of the library.

“For someone considering installation of a solar energy system, it’s essential that they educate themselves first,” said LaBarbera. “You don’t want to get a solar array on your roof and then discover you didn’t make the right choices getting it there.”

As in the past, the seminar will cover topics including: how solar energy systems work, components of a solar energy system, types of systems and manufacturers, financial incentives provided by governments, and how to find a reliable installer. Discussion will also include the differences – pros and cons – of owning a solar energy system or leasing a system.

“There are significant differences between purchasing your own solar energy system or leasing a system,” said LaBarbera. “The latter may seem attractive at first blush. But, if you dig a little deeper, you may find that it’s not what it’s cranked up to be.”

LaBarbera said that, with tax incentives and grants, those who install solar energy systems on their home or office can expect to see a full return on their investment within five or six years.

Those who wish to attend can register for the event by calling the library at (815) 385-0036.