About Us

Magitek Energy Solutions Inc. is one of the most established renewable energy companies in Northern Illinois completing numerous small wind and solar energy installations since  2008. Starting life as an electrical contractor, Magitek Energy Solutions Inc. has over 20 years experience powering homes and businesses in northern Illinois.

Magitek’s founder and CEO, Paul LaBarbera has undertaken a personal mission to help usher in a new wave of responsible electricity generation to northern Illinois and has forged relations with some of the industry’s leaders. Our goal is to realize the best balance of quality and value available today. As Green technologies continue to make inroads into the mainstream, Magitek Energy Solutions Inc. has kept abreast of the changing landscape and has worked with a number of local municipalities in the Lake and McHenry county areas, acting as consultant and advisor to Government bodies as they draft considerate, responsible ordinances for wind and solar installations.

Magitek-Van-600x300Calling upon experience in a growing number of wind and solar installations, Magitek Energy Solutions Inc. has developed the most efficient and cost effective systems available. We are excited to be a part of this emerging market and welcome any questions regarding our products. Please feel free to contact us.