McHenry DIYers need to leave solar panel installation to the pros

McHenry DIY install solar panels

This is not safe work for the average DIYer. Installing solar panels is better left to the professionals on your McHenry rooftop.

Not just for proper installation but for savings, too

Folks in your McHenry neighborhood are amazed at your skill as a Do-It-Yourselfer. The fence you put up, the garage you built, the windows you installed. Clearly, you’re not an amateur. Now, you’ve got your eyes set on the roof of your house, but not to replace the roofing. Rather, you see it as rich in energy potential and you’re thinking of installing your own solar panel system. Don’t do it. Solar panel installation is not a project for DIYers.

There are good reasons not to go all DIY on a new solar panel system. The idea of installing a solar-energy system on your roof is sound. It’s a wonderful idea from which you’ll derive benefits for years to come. You have an opportunity to chop a big chunk out of your electric bill with clean, renewable energy from your personal ‘powerplant.’ But, DIY …?

Working on the roof always come with the risks of falling off. Though, as a DIYer, you’re not afraid of working at heights, it complicates matters when you’re performing a less familiar task, particularly when working with panels that could catch the wind and sail you off your McHenry roof.

There’s also the risk of doing damage to your home or the solar energy system. Anytime you put screws into your roof, you have to know what you’re doing so that moisture won’t follow through the next time it rains or when snow and ice start to melt. With unfamiliarity, it’s also a concern that you could damage the solar panel system during installation. That is potentially costly. And yet, there is still an even better reason to skip the DIY solar-panel-system installation.

There are big savings if you skip the DIY and let the professionals install your solar panel system

That just doesn’t make sense, does it? One of the best things about Do-It-Yourself projects is that you experience substantial savings in the process. It’s a wonderful reward of DIYers. But, this proven benefit is turned on its head when it comes to solar panel system installation.

This illogical quandary didn’t travel through a black hole to land with energy potential on your McHenry rooftop. Rather, it arrived there as a result of a legal meteor launched from the state capital in the form of the Future Energy Jobs Act.

By “Jobs” they don’t mean DIYers. The goal of the law is to increase Illinois’ dependence on renewable energy while, at the same time, promoting job growth.

For someone with a residential solar panel system that generates under 10-killowatts per hour, they’ll receive a check from the state for 15 years of anticipated State Renewable Energy Credits. The payment is a lump sum at the time that the system is energized.

For someone with a system that is larger than 10kw, they will receive four annual SREC payments that are based on average use for the preceding year to cover the 15-year anticipated energy production.

When you stack those substantial savings aside of the 30-percent Federal Tax Credit that is available with the installation of a solar panel system, the Return On Investment for your solar energy system is three to five years. After that, it’s all gravy, assuming you resist the urge to go DIY on your McHenry solar panel system.


free solar panel system seminar

Learn more about the benefits of installing a solar panel system to your home. This free event is at the McHenry Public Library at 7 p.m., Wednesday, April 25.

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