Safety concerns lead to cancellation of Going SOLAR 101 FREE Educational Seminar & Library Solar Tour

This was to be the third year in a row that Paul LaBarbera, a leading authority on solar energy and CEO of Johnsburg-based Magitek Energy Solutions, was to present a solar energy symposium at the McHenry Public Library. Due to safety concerns over the Coronavirus, however, the event has been canceled.

“This event is a great way for people considering installation of a solar energy system to take a crash course on what to expect while making the most of the going solar,” said LaBarbera. “Considering the pandemic we’re facing, and the risks that entails, it didn’t make sense to go ahead with the seminar.”

The event was scheduled for April 22 at the library. In the two previous years, the opportunity was well attended.

The Seminar generally covers how solar systems work, components of a solar energy system, types of systems and manufacturers, financial governmental incentives, and how to find a reliable installer. This year, it was also to include discussion of the pros and cons of owning a solar energy system over leasing a system.

Considering how well it’s been received in the past, LaBarbera stated that he expects to conduct the seminar again next year. In the meantime, those who have questions about GOing SOLAR can contact LaBarbera by visiting the company’s Website at, sending an email to and by following the company’s Facebook page at:

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